5 Things Live Tweeting About Ironing Taught Me About Twitter

On Sunday evening, I tried my hand at Live Tweeting. I wasn’t attending a swanky movie premiere or black tie event. I was ironing my dress shirts for the week ahead. Domesticated, boring, and relatively uninspired. But what better way to explore the ins and outs of a platform than to jump right in. So 56 minutes of tweets, photos and videos followed.

If your brand is considering Live Tweeting from an upcoming event, I’ve got some advice for you. These are the five things I learned about Live Tweeting.

1) Audience Matters

While I spend an hour every Sunday night ironing, this topic isn’t exactly “on brand” for me. On a regular basis, my Twitter followers engage with tweets related to Real Estate, breakfast, Jeopardy and Internet Marketing. Not household chores. The segment of my audience that was interested in clothes ironing was low. More so, ironing fanatics haven’t exactly taken to Twitter in droves. Even major brands like Rowenta, Singer and Sunbeam are not generating vast amounts of ironing related content.

Ultimately, engagements will depend on a captive audience’s interest in the topic. Choose your events carefully and invest in Live Tweeting when it makes the most sense for your audience.

2) Media is Everywhere

Finding content assets for Live Tweeting can be intimidating. Heck, maintaining a regular non-live tweeting schedule can be daunting. But the reality is rich media is all around us. Don’t blame being in the moment as a reason to not create engaging content.


Ahead of time, identify potential mention, hashtag, photo, video and link opportunities. Capturing this content does not need to coincide with publishing. Consider a pre-production run where you gather B-Roll assets that can be used throughout your event. Avoid a stream of plain text tweets during your event (so boring!). Leverage true live media tools (Periscope, Snapchat, etc) to drive the point home. Remember, you are painting a picture of what it’s like to be there in person. Being live is hard, but it’s no excuse for shortcuts.

3) “Doing it Live” is Hard

Balancing the momentum of a live tweet stream and the actual event itself is difficult. One of the two will inevitably suffer. A few wrinkled sleeves might have slipped thru during my #LiveIron tweets, I am OK with that. But allowing social media to preclude a brand from servicing customers or from running an event just isn’t acceptable.


Be reasonable with the demands of these online and offline tasks. Clearly assign duties ahead of time. Take a few extra steps to alleviate juggling by automating some posts during the event. Only you will know a few of those live tweets weren’t really live.

4) Copy Editing Takes Time

It’s easy to overlook the need for proofreading while live. Especially if the Live Tweeting is taking place on-location. Traditionally, working from a mobile device isn’t collaboration friendly. So draft your tweets in email, a shared document or collaboration tool. Get at least one additional set of eyes before publishing. Those pesky iPhone auto corrects or misspelled hashtags might be OK on your personal account, they just aren’t as forgivable coming from a brand.

5) Use Moments to Summarize

Announcing the start and end of your Live Tweet stream is a general best practice. It helps define expectations and holds your brand accountable during the event. However, you should also try to benefit from your live event in the days following. Twitter’s new Moment feature are curated collections of similar tweets. Bringing your content together as a Moment allows your audience to relive the event; and serves as an easy way to re-share.

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The Virtues of Ranger Bob


Tonight I’m thinking about Ranger Bob. It would have been his birthday today.

Like he did for so many others, he gave me an eternity of life lessons, one summer at a time. He’ll always be my definition of a great leader. The “Virtues of Ranger Bob” have shaped who I’ve become and continue to drive who I want to be.

Bob embodied hard work, with his unrivaled work ethic and never ending quest to do good. He was kind in a way I’ve never seen again. A friend (and a pal) to everyone. And he was selfless, charming, and absolutely hilarious.

Ranger Bob has become a man of legend. The sole subject of tall tales that get repeated around the campfire. “He was bit by a rattlesnake and just walked to the hospital”, “He shoveled all the snow in the parking lot by hand”, “He could predict rain down to the minute”. Except they’re all true. Guys like this are rare. I’m honored that we crossed paths. I only wish that I had known him longer.

Happy Birthday RB.

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Mount Rushmore of YouTubers

Inspired by a question posed by Jeff Shore recently, “who is worth following?“, I spent a lot of time pondering my response. Who we choose to follow and consequently why we follow them, is a conversation not had often enough. Outside of an occasional #FollowFriday, I rarely get recommendations from people I trust. Admittedly, I’m guilty of not advocating for my favorite follows enough either. And these follow recommendations infrequently come with as much intentionality, passion or enthusiasm as recommendations on a favorite TV show, a political candidate or new restaurant.

With the advent of so many communication channels, the topical and niche options of people to follow are endless. From comedy, to music, DIY, news, sports, politics and beyond. Each choice to follow adds to the highly personalized, constant stream of content uniquely optimized just for me.

Who I follow will determine how I view the world and ultimately become a reflection of who I am; or at least the person I want to be. As a result, others may consider following me based on who I follow. Furthermore, social platforms utilize this follow and follower data to make automated recommendations.

I know we will all have our favorites, role models and heroes. So let’s talk about them. Because Jeff asked, I am presenting the first in a series of who I consider influential and worthwhile people to follow. First up, my “Mount Rushmore” of YouTubers. Enjoy.

Ze Frank

Ze Frank’s internet fame predates YouTube, having created viral (Flash) videos as early as 2001. He was true artist embracing the Internet medium. His career was rich before YouTube launched; winning a Webby Award in 2002 and named to Time Magazine’s “50 Coolest Websites” in 2005. But it was in 2006 that “the show with zefrank” launched. His three to five minute, Daily Show-esque, commentary on current events set the tone for future Vloggers and YouTubers. Although the show ran for just a year, it influenced the next generation of YouTubers like Hank and John Green.

Ze Frank hit the mainstream in 2013 with his “Sad Cat Diary”, a viral video that’s logged nearly 25 million views. This blend of sarcasm, humor and dead pan delivery set the stage for a deal with Friskies. The hits keep rolling for this veteran, including his “Guide To Candy Trading” and ultimately the “True Facts” series.

Today, Ze Frank is the President of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. To me, he is the George Washington of my Mount Rushmore. A wise and altruistic Founding Father.

Joined: Jul 22, 2006

Subscribers: 1.8 million

Views: 298.3 million

Videos: 159

Casey Neistat

You might not know Casey by name. But you’ve almost certainly seen his videos. With the ability to seemingly go viral whenever he likes, we’ve seen him Turn Your Apple Watch Gold, Snowboard thru New York City and take a shower onboard a plane. Outside of YouTube, he’s just plain interesting. He made a TV show for HBO in 2008, is CEO of a Social Media video sharing app, and works with clients like Nike, Mercedes-Benz and Google.

Casey is a master of B-Roll, framing, pacing and storytelling. In everything he does, the careful selection of music accentuates the message of each video. His masterful use of the camera is unrivaled on YouTube, which has already led to countless videos made in his likeness. He is a modern day, digital renaissance man, which is why he holds the place of Thomas Jefferson on my Mount Rushmore.

Joined: Feb 15, 2010

Subscribers: 5.2 million

Views: 1.1 billion

Videos: 684 (+1 every day)

The Slow Mo Guys

Not one person, but two. Dan and Gavin are a duo of Phantom high-speed camera wielding friends, who turn the mundane to captivating. Shooting more than 343,000 frames per second, they help us see and understand the world around us. From fire, to paint, to glass the The Slow Mo Guys try it all. While they pack serious videography horsepower, there is a certain inelegance that comes across as endearing. Like two British pals goofing around after a few drinks at the pub.

Seemingly living Theodore Roosevelt’s advice to “speak softly and carry a big stick”, this team takes Teddy’s place on my Mount Rushmore.

Joined: Aug 15, 2010

Subscribers: 8.5 million

Views: 1.0 billion

Videos: 132

Primitive Technology

There is more unknown than known about the man behind Primitive Technology. This newcomer to YouTube doesn’t even have a name. Filming barefoot from Queensland Australia, the dangers of the bush are abundant: snakes, scorpions, weather. Despite all this, our mystery man is seemingly able to rebuild civilization should the need arise. His stoic calmness is captivating. With time and knowledge, he proves anything is possible.

Some might watch Primitive Technology as a DIY tutorial, but I believe his fame is built elsewhere. He exudes an inspiring, noble strength that speaks to the inner caveman in all of us. Without a single word in his 20+ videos, we follow along as he build a shelter, forges iron, and masters spear throwing. It’s because of his charisma and nobility that Primitive Technology is the Abraham Lincoln of my Mount Rushmore.

Joined: May 1, 2015

Subscribers: 3.0 million

Views: 153.5 million

Videos: 21

Honorable Mention

Destin Sandlin (aka Smarter Every Day)

Michael Stevens (Vsauce)


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5 Twitter Lessons from Trump

The 2016 Presidential Election has certainly already been one for the history books. We’ve had a multitude of firsts, including what can be best described as our first Presidential Twitter meltdown. Sometimes in life, it’s not our mentor or hero who teaches us the most. We’ve all learned ‘what not to do’ from a horrible boss, an absent parent or in this case, Donald Trump. So here are the five Twitter Lessons I’ve learned from Donald Trump.

1) Don’t Tweet at 3 AM

More importantly, carefully consider when you do post. In the case of Donald, tweeting at 3:00 AM in an attempting to inform his audience was perceived as crazy, foolish, and impulsive. As America sleeps, Donald Trump seethes on Twitter.

Instead of doing like Donald, consider when your audience is engaging. Use tools like Buffer to optimize posting times for when your posts are most likely success. If you choose to automate to hit key times, be sure you are available to engage when replies come in.

2) Don’t Be Stingy with Likes & Replies

For being such a prolific Tweeter (and presumably being the ‘best’ at everything), Donald rarely likes Tweets. Just 39 likes against 33,400 Tweets. Replies are just as rare. This is a one way street of communication. Instead, engage as often as you share. Reply to your followers, participate in Twitter Chats, and be liberal with likes.

3) Don’t Make Twitter Enemies

Donald has long standing feuds, one could argue that’s Donald Trump’s brand. But taking to Twitter is rarely smart. There is rarely a reason to air dirty laundry in public. Letting this play out publicly allows the world to pick a side. And in the case of Miss Universe 1996, it’s coming back to hurt him.

When in doubt, rely on advice from Walt Disney, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all“.

4) Grammar and Capitalization Matter

Language evolves. Long form points of view previously shared in print magazines and newspaper have been reduced to 140 characters or less. The English language is tough. It’s full of arbitrary rules: dangling modifiers, splitting infinitives, and I before E except after C. We’ve done all this in the name of speed and efficiency. So while everyone has a voice and an audience, our voices are not equal. Society still has reverence for the written word. Those who weave a tall tale or paint a visual with a well written narrative are admired. Those who butcher the language are left dealing with miscommunications and a diminishing audience. Maintaining at least 3rd Grade level grammar and capitalization comes easy for most Tweeters.

But not Donald. He seems to only capitalize “I” (although I’m not sure if that’s due to autocorrect or pure egotism). Good grammar equates to credibility. Especially on Twitter, where a single tweet has limited time and limited characters to communicate a message.

5) Twitter is Forever

Technically, most of the Internet is being permanently documented. For as easy as Twitter makes it easy to share a point of view, it’s equally as easy to recall it. What you say here matters. People will remember long after you’ve forgotten yourself. So take care to only post what you believe. Yes, I actually need to “reevaluate the amount of money I’m spending on cheese“. If someone was to ask me about this, it would not be met a response like Donald’s debate “false”. So before you publish, know that the world is reading and the internet is recording.

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Top 15 Real Estate Emojis

Emojis are everywhere. In November, Oxford Dictionary declared an emoji their “Word of the Year”. In June, Twitter introduced the ability for advertisers to target Emojis. And today (📅 July 17th) is officially “🌏 World Emoji Day“.

The stats on Emoji usage are staggering. Twitter has reported more than 110 billion emojis have been tweeted since 2010. Recently, Appboy analyzed 9,359 marketing campaigns and found Emojis are used in 777% more marketing campaigns this year compared 2015. And usage in email marketing has increased 7,100% compared to 2015.

While retail, gaming and food & beverage industries have seen the largest growth in emoji usage, fellow Real Estate marketers can play along too. Since some Emojis are still misunderstood, what are the best Emojis for Real Estate Marketing? Here are the Top 15 Real Estate themed Emojis to incorporate into your upcoming marketing efforts.

Rank Emoji Headline
192 💸 Low Monthly Payments Available
302 📝 Sign on the Dotted Line
343 🏡 Gorgeous Home on a Wooded Lot
333 🔑 Here’s the Key to Your New Home
342 📞 Call Me Today for Fast Answers
371 🏠 Your Dream Home Awaits
397 🚿 Owner’s Suite Boasts a Walk-In Shower
436 ⛳️ Enjoy Views of the Golf Course
503 🔨 Home Repairs from a Contractor You Can Trust
559 🚪 Walk Right into Your New Home
570 🏢 Office Space Available
587 🌆 Enjoy the Sunset from this Penthouse Apartment
625 📦 Get Ready for Moving Day
738 🛁 Historical Home with a Vintage Clawfoot Tub

Thanks to emojitracker.com for rankings.

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