Free Lunch

In 2017, “pay for popularity” on social media is way too easy. Whip out your credit card, fame is just one PayPal transaction away. $5 can buy 5000 followers, 1000 likes, 500 comments on your Instagram photos or a retweet to millions. I know we’ve all been tempted at times. It sounds like a small price to pay for instant popularity. We fool ourselves into thinking an increase to that little number will make our life better or our business flourish.

Spoiler alert: it just doesn’t work that way.

What you actually get for five bucks is an audience of bots and zombies. And what value do thousands of fake, lame or inactive accounts really bring? Sure, a temporary boost to the ego, but ultimately the same engagement rates you had before. No new sales or leads. Heck, Facebook and Twitter might even punish you! Even worse, those innocent few bucks could be funding a click farm in China, the modern-day sweatshop. Trust me, those people don’t want to be your friend and they definitely aren’t buying your product.

So rather than spend money on hundreds or thousands of bot followers, I choose to invest my money in building relationships with awesome, local people doing cool stuff. People just like you.

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. This is as close as it gets. Here’s how it works:

  1. You follow me.
  2. Send me a Tweet or DM about something cool you are working on.
  3. Once a month or so, I pick a new follower to take to lunch.
  4. I buy lunch for us both. I have a penchant for sushi, soup or tacos.

That’s it. You can help me grow my following and score a free lunch. Find me online and let’s make this happen.

If I had lawyers, they’d probably encourage me to set a few ground rules. So consider this the fine print:
1) Paid social has a time and place, I am not arguing against paid social advertising.
2a) You have to be local to Columbus.
2b) Exceptions made for Ohioans that travel thru Columbus.
2c) If you aren’t local, I still appreciate your follow. I’ll look you up when I come thru your town.
3) Almost always, lunch will be in or around Easton.
4) If we’ve had lunch together before, I probably won’t pick you for this freebie.
5) If we already know each other, we can go to lunch anytime. But we’ll be going Dutch.
6) No MLM pitches. No overt solicitations. Also, no murderers.

 Jun 20, 2017  |