Hey, I’m Will

I am the Chief Marketing Officer at M/I Homes Inc. (MHO) one of the nation’s leading homebuilders, having delivered over 140,000 homes since 1976.

Along the way, I’ve done some cool things:

I started life in Pittsburgh, the land of bricks and rust. I was surrounded and inspired by people far more talented than me, who made impressive things. I spent over a year of my life sleeping in tents, eventually earning my Eagle Scout. For a short stint, I wanted to be a high school English literature teacher.

Eventually, I found my way to Columbus, Ohio. There, I was a founding partner of MCLA The Lax Mag, a print magazine covering college lacrosse, which was acquired by InsideLacrosse (an ESPN affiliate) in December 2011. I served in various positions at Apple Inc. (AAPL) for five years and was featured as spotlight speaker on the company website on multiple occasions. In between, I made a few movies for rock bands.

I strive to lead a life that is 100% on and 100% off. That means balancing 20+ years of leading teams to create powerful, award-winning campaigns with enjoying every cup of coffee, moments in the garden, and cuddling with cats.